The 2017-18 Legislative Annual Report is now available.

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Now Is The Time!

During the months of September and October many legislators will be back in their home towns.  This is a great opportunity for you to invite them to your Center or to attend a Town Hall meeting to educate them about issues that may have an impact on the older adults that we serve.

The Wisconsin Aging and Advocacy Network (WAAN) has developed an Issue Brief card that contains information regarding what WAAN members have identified as top priority in the next budget cycle.  These include; Family Caregivers, Transportation, Healthy Aging Grants and Social Isolation.  This is a great way to share the information with your Legislator so they not only hear what you are saying, but also have a "take away" that we hope they will refer back to.

You can print off copies of this card or if you would like, I am happy to mail a stack to you!  There is strength in numbers so I encourage all WASC members to share these briefs, meet with your Legislators and have your voices heard!  These are the same issues that were shared at the State Capital during Aging Advocacy Day.

Issue Briefs Card

For a stack of cards please email me your name/address and approximately how many you would like. jill.mchone@fitchburgwi.gov 


More information about each issue can be found by clicking on the links below. 

Wisconsin Aging & Advocacy Issue Briefs

Feel free to share these briefs with staff, Board members and local and state officials.

Family Caregivers

Healthy Aging Grants

Social Isolation




Thank You Aging Advocacy Day participants!!

This year's event was another success with nearly 200 advocates in attendance!  There were many first time attendees including Cathy Loomans, Fond Du Lac  Senior Center and Jill Krantz, Middleton Senior Center!  

See below for the State Issue Briefs that were shared with Legislators throughout the day..

We hope to see representation from all districts at next's year event! 

Click here for this year's group photo! 


On the Federal Front.... 

FY19 Budget Request 

Click here to see how the proposed budget impacts seniors! 




Wisconsin State Legislature Contact Information

Click on the link below to find contact information for your Legislators.

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Interested in becoming more involved in advocacy?  Consider representing your WASC district as a Legislative Liaison!

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For more information contact Jill McHone at 608-270-4291 or email jill.mchone@fitchburgwi.gov