Aging Advocacy Day

May 16th, 2018

Click here for schedule and more details. 

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 2018 Wisconsin Aging & Advocacy Issue Briefs Coming!

Check back in March for more detailed information on issues facing Wisconsin older adults in 2018.   



On the Federal Front.... 

FY19 Budget Request 

Click here to see how the proposed budget impacts seniors! 




Long Term Care Investment Savings Program Gets Its "Day in Court"! 

Congratulations to former Director of the McFarland Senior Center, Ingrid Thompson, who finally got an Assembly hearing on 2/14/18 on her Long Term Care Investment Savings program!  Next step is hopefully a hearing at the Senate level.  Stay tuned for updates!





Wisconsin State Legislature Contact Information

Click on the link below to find contact information for your Legislators.

 /uploads/Wisconsin-Members-of-Congress-115th-3 2018.pdf



2017 WAAN Issue Briefs

You are strongly encouraged to select a topic or two below that you feel most passionate about and share your thoughts with your local and state legislatures.  It is a great opportunity to build rapport as well as educate them about issues related that impact older adults.

Long Term Care


Family Caregivers

Healthy Aging Grants

Homestead Tax Credits

Interagency Transportation Coordination

Long Term Care Investment Fund (InvestaCare)

Senior Care

Specialized Transportation

Voter ID

WI Medicaid Program


To find your State Senator or Representative click on the link below.

/uploads/Wisconsin-Members-of-Congress-115th-3 2018.pdf 


Interested in becoming more involved in advocacy?  Consider representing your WASC district as a Legislative Liaison!

Click here to read more about the duties involved!

For more information contact Jill McHone at 608-270-4291 or email jill.mchone@fitchburgwi.gov