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Historical Acknowledgments

The Wisconsin Association of Senior Centers was chartered in 1983.  It continues to expand in membership, has a strong foundation and network for senior center managers, and is succeeding in its primary purpose of giving support to its members in every way possible.  The Association continues to constructively promote senior centers as viable focal points in Wisconsin communities.

The highest award of membership has been bestowed on the following individuals for their contributions to the Association.

Honorary Members

2013 - Jane Deau 

2012 - Sarah Gallagher

2011 - Barbara Robinson

2010 - Sylvia Bull

2009 - Patricia Falduto-Meithke

2009 - LaDonna Kleiss

2008 - Helen Emery

2006 - Barbara Koch

2005 - Rhea Yovanovich

2004 - Nell Mally

2003 - Mary Ann Engel

2002 - Bernice Barta

2001 - Jill Kaphengst

2000 - Judy Lokken

1995 - Janet Janisse

1991 - Shirley Doan

1990 - Harry Collins

1989 - John Lindoerfer

1988 - Fred Lengfield

Past Presidents

Mark Ziemer 2014-2015 

Jane Deau 2012 - 2013

Cindy McGlynn 2008-2011

LaDonna Kleiss 2004-2008

Martha Gingras 2002-2004

Debra Weberpal 2001-2002

Evonne Koeppen Boettge 1999-2001

Sue Kreibich 1997-1999

Jill Kaphengst 1995-1997

Jane Deau 1992-1995

Barbara Bailey 1989-1992

Ann Neumaier 1988-1989

Rhea Yovanovich 1986-1988

Gertrude Olson 1985-1986

Sue Kreibich 1983-1985

Bonnie Waite Spear 1983-1984

Professional Excellence

Jill McHone - 2017 Fitchburg 

Cindy McGlynn - 2016  Stoughton

Connie Steinhoff - 2015 Platteville 

Ingrid Thompson - 2013 McFarland

Carol LaFontaine - 2012 Cedarburg


 New 2018 Awards


Edison Bell Einstein Award- Janesville Senior CenterWindchimes out of Wine Bottles
The Inventors Award recognizes a new way of doing something, new program, or great idea that has been brought to life in the past year.  The award recognizes someone for creating that invention, and making a positive impact for older adults in their community, and possibly throughout the state.

Rising Star -   Chris Nye, Fort Atkinson Senior Center

This award is given to a director that is a new director, of three years or less at a senior center, and has made several professional strides forward.  Notable accomplishments, since taking the command at a center, should be seen for this award winner. 

Bob (Power) the Builder AwardBarb Pritzl, Augusta Senior Center

This award recognizes the director that has accomplished building success during the last year.  It can be from building an entire new senior center to remodeling a bathroom.  Across the state each year are construction projects at various senior centers.  This award will recognize one of those projects that has helped make a difference in the lives of older adults who come to that center.  This award is named after our current WASC President and Colonial Club Director Bob Power (who recently remodeled bathrooms).

Service Recognition AwardDeb Weberpal, Seniors on the Park, Whitewater, WI

 Any member of WASC, including all paid senior center staff, that have completed 10 or 25 years of service to senior centers is eligible to be recognized with this award.  Senior center years are cumulative and can be combined for those who have worked in various centers over their career.  Example:  Betsy worked 4 years as a program coordinator in Happyville and then spent the last 6 years as the director in Goodtown.  She has a cumulative 10 years of senior center work experience and is eligible for the 10 year award.