WASC is excited to invite you to attend the WASC 2017 Fall Conference entitled REBELS WITH A CAUSE.  We have an exciting lineup of guests, including "The Retiree Rebels".  The conference will take place Wednesday, October 4 through Friday, October 6, 2017 at the Stone Harbor Resort in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.   

  • 2017 Fall Conference

2017 WASC Achievement Awards--


Professional of the Year

          This award is the highest yearly award given out by the Wisconsin Association of Senior Centers (WASC).  The Professional of the Year award recognizes achievements by a Director of a Senior Center that are above and beyond the ordinary.  Those achievements can be a combination of WASC related duties and performances and exceptional accomplishments within the director’s center.  Recipient must be a member of WASC.  The Professional of the Year award winner can also be the winner of the Bob The Builder Award or Edison, Bell, Einstein Invention Award, but not all three, and is not eligible to be the winner of the Rising Star Award.  


Lifetime Achievement Award

          This award is presented to Senior Center Directors that are within one year of retirement or recently retired that were members of WASC for ten years or more.  The individual receiving the award has made many contributions to older adults and has left a legacy, and a benchmark, for future directors to strive towards.  *Note- More than one lifetime achievement award may be given out in a year.

Rising Star Award

          This award is given to a director that is a new director, of three years or less at a senior center, and has made several professional strides forward.  Notable accomplishments, since taking the command at a center, should be seen for this award winner.

Edison, Bell, Einstein Invention Award

          The Inventors Award recognizes a new way of doing something, new program, or great idea that has been brought to life in the past year.  The award recognizes someone for creating that invention, and making a positive impact for older adults in their community, and possibly throughout the state.

Bob (Power) The Builder Award

          This award recognizes the director that has accomplished building success during the last year.  It can be from building an entire new senior center to remodeling a bathroom.  Across the state each year are construction projects at various senior centers.  This award will recognize one of those projects that has helped make a difference in the lives of older adults who come to that center.  This award is named after our current WASC President and Colonial Club Director Bob Power (who recently remodeled bathrooms).


Community Collaboration Award

          This is an award given to an agency that has been outstanding in contributing to the betterment of senior centers and WASC as a whole.  The agency has demonstrated cooperative efforts and made a remarkable difference with at least one senior center, and that community, to be eligible for the award.  Special consideration will be given to agencies that have worked with WASC and have collaborated in bringing programs to several centers during the year.


Service Recognition Award

          Any member of WASC, including all paid senior center staff, that have completed 10 or 25 years of service to senior centers is eligible to be recognized with this award.  Senior center years are cumulative and can be combined for those who have worked in various centers over their career.  Example:  Betsy worked 4 years as a program coordinator in Happyville and then spent the last 6 years as the director in Goodtown.  She has a cumulative 10 years of senior center work experience and is eligible for the 10 year award.

Deadline for submitting award nominations for the Fall Conference 2017 is Friday, September 1, 2017.

Nominations should be limited to two pages or less and sent to:

Rita Martin- WASC Administrative Assistant

700 Kenwood Circle

Verona, WI   53593 


Please be sure to mention the award type you are nominating the individual for.


There are eight (8) scholarships available for the "Rebels with a Cause" Fall Conference.  Please submit your name and affiliation to for consideration.  There are no restrictions in place at this time to be granted a scholarship.